Festive 500 Day Two.

Today’s ride promised to be a repeat weather wise of yesterday so I treated my legs to a little bit of embrocation (which must have got onto the pad in my shorts causing a little bit of pre-ride dancing) and decided to wear:

  • Long Sleeve Baselayer
  • Classic Bib Shorts
  • Winter Tights
  • Long Sleeve Jersey (2010, I think)
  • Winter Socks
  • Overshoes (lesson learned from yesterday.)
  • Winter Collar
  • Merino Hat
  • Rapha + PS Town Gloves (as my town gloves hadn’t quite dried.)
  • Classic Wind Jacket (which was tucked in my jersey pocket as it performed so well yesterday.)

The ride today was out of Leeds again and towards the town of Pool-In-Wharfedale. It’s a pretty uneventful cycle out that far but shortly after Pool, a turn off the main road takes me onto country roads which are much quieter.

The first excitement of the day comes cycling down towards Lindley Wood Reservoir in the Washburn Valley which is right at the bottom of Norwood Edge – a fantastic climb. It was at the top of Norwood that I decided to don the Wind jacket as it was starting to drizzle lightly and the northerly wind was making it feel a little bit colder.

The ride from the top of Norwood Edge is a fantastic undulating (but mostly descending) road that takes you up to the A59. The drizzle had definitely set in now! Crossing the A59, the road then takes you past the famous listening station at RAF Menwith Hill and onwards and downwards into Nidderdale and onto Summerbridge. A left turn here and a short while later there’s a descent all the way down into Pately Bridge. ANyone who has cycled around this area of Yorkshire before knows what comes next – the amazing climb of Greenhow Hill all the way up to Greenhow itself. So far, so good – the drizzle and wind are persisting but I’m comfortable, happy and the legs aren’t feeling too bad.

Shortly after Greenhow, the road descends down into the Yorkshire Dales National Park which, even in this weather, has beautiful scenery. I should take photographs but I prefer to experience rather than document and the stopping to take photographs and the interruption takes away from the ride a little bit.

From here on, it a reverse of the outward route I took yesterday down New Road, past Bolton Abbey (where I stopped at the tearoom and had an amazing fruit flapjack and an average coffee.) After my little stop, during which time the drizzle had promoted itself to rain, it was a straight run through Ilkley, past Otley and back into Leeds and home. All my gear performed faultlessly( and I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of bib shorts more comfortable) although my bike has developed some squeaks – I’ll have to investigate those tomorrow.

So that’s my total up to 194 km and approximately 38% completed.

Here’s the ride:



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